Do I need to be a certain age before I can join Lakes Entrance U3A?
Although most programs are aimed at older / retired folk, there are no age limits at this stage.

Are classes run over the school holidays?
No, there are no classes during any of the Victorian school holidays (including Christmas & public holidays).

Who should I contact if I won’t be at class next week?
Please contact the course facilitator unless your facilitator has suggested otherwise.

When are membership dues payable?
For existing members, fees are payable by cheque, cash or bank transfer (proof of payment required) at Enrolment Day which is held in January each year. New members pay at the time they choose to join. For those unable to attend on Enrolment Day, contact the Membership Officer. Contact details may be found by clicking ‘U3A "Stuff", then "Our Committee"’ in the Menu Bar.

Does my membership allow me to attend other U3A's classes?
Most U3As welcome members from other U3As but conditions will be set by the second U3A, not Lakes Entrance U3A.

Can I belong to more than one class within Lakes Entrance U3A?
Yes, depending on availability of a place. Contact the facilitator of any second, third, etc., class you may wish to attend.

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Last updated January 3rd, 2019