Sue Wilson (0409 389658).

Purpose of Course:

Our ukulele classes are for those who already love playing or for those with a desire to learn to play this fun musical instrument. This lightweight instrument is suitable for all ages and abilities. Even arthritic fingers can manipulate the 4 strings and usually modifications of some chords are possible to cater for most.

Course content:

Our "play along together" sessions last an hour or more, usually with some teaching points included. Classes cover the basics of tuning, rhythm, strumming and picking styles, new chords, timing, and performance techniques. If you require extra tuition beginners are welcome to come along 20 minutes before the class and meet in Room 2 with the tutor.
Sometimes we are asked to perform for various local community groups and this is on an individual volunteer basis only. It is up to each player to decide if s/he will participate in any of these outings. When we perform we are known as "Lakes Ukes and Voices" (LUV)

Prior knowledge required:

No prior knowledge is required but you will need to be prepared to sing along as we play. As there are many people in these classes, 20+, the tutor is not always available to assist one on one. However most of the more experienced players are very happy to assist with new members.

Equipment required:

To be fully involved in these classes you will need to purchase a ukulele (prices vary greatly from $80 into the hundreds!) It is essential that you also buy your own tuner (about $25). You will be using your tuner every time you want to play your uke. A music stand is also handy however these can be shared between 2 players in the classes if necessary. Please bring along a display book with plastic pockets ready to fill with all the songs you will be learning. Some sort of writing implement may be needed as well. If you need glasses for reading please bring them!


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