Bruce Wilmshurst (5155 2723)

Purpose of Course:

Frequently the difference between a snapshot and a photograph is a small adjustment of the cameras settings or a small change in the composition of the subject. The course will deal with the aperture, shutter speed, ISO and some of the many functions built into digital cameras to create photographs. The idea is to take the camera off automatic and for the photographer to take over the controls. Throughout the year we look at composition and various techniques.

Prior knowledge required:

No particular prior knowledge is needed.: At the beginning of the first term those new to the class are introduced to the basic elements of the camera and then join the class on the various projects the class takes on over the year. I will guide you through the general use of controls but the nature of the class brings a variety of cameras so learning how your particular camera accesses controls and functions will be your home work. This is done in small bites so don't feel intimidated. The others have survived this and you can too .

Equipment required:

The camera is a necessity. You will also need your camera's manual. Most are now only available online so it will not be necessary to have them available in class time. Ideally, we show assignments using a USB stick. The camera's card can be used but I would prefer the USB.


We go out regularly with the idea of practicing some particular technique. Also, there are several other individual projects planned. All projects can remain digital so there are no additional costs to those you have already incurred unless you choose to.


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