Links to some sites which may be relevant to U3A members.

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U3A related

Bairnsdale U3A

U3A Network (Victoria)

The Online U3A based at Griffith University

Library Resources

National and International library catalogues which are freely accessible via the Internet

National Library of Australia ... collections, services, exhibitions and publications

The State Library of Victoria ... the major reference and research library in Victoria

Information for Seniors & Retirees

Access to Government and non-Government information and services for older Australians

Age Pension

Ageing and Aged Care Support services

Coordinating and developing policy initatives, advice and information on ageing issues

Council on the Ageing

Department of Human Services

Help at home

Help at home Seniors online

Index of Government services for Older Australians

Staying mentally active

Useful computer information and more links for Seniors and Retirees

Government Information & Access

Australia's Prime Minister

Australian Parliament House Main Page

Resources for all levels of Government in Australia & links to government resources overseas

Victoria's Premier

Victorian Government Online

Some other useful links


Advice on evaluating Internet Information

Apple users Support site

Australian search engine

Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association


Index to all Australian Government Websites

Index to Monash University services

Internet Searching tutorials & advice

Linux users Support site

Microsoft users Support site

Staying safe online

Recognize and avoid Scams

Science & Technology Dictionary

Search Engine (Google)

Software/Shareware (Tucows)

Troubleshooting Apple Computer Problems

Troubleshooting Windows Computer Problems

Urban Legends Reference Pages

Viruses & Malware Information

Wikipedia - information about EVERYTHING

Last updated June 24th, 2018